Karen Otazo

Karen Otazo

Dr. Karen Otazo has been a global executive coach and mentor for executives in transnational companies worldwide for more than 25 years. Her second book, The Truth About Being a Leader (2007), was recognized as one of the Top Five Best Business Books for 2007 by Strategy and Business.

Dr. Otazo’s experience makes her uniquely equipped to work with executives connecting cultures in global corporations, national subsidiaries, international ventures and strategic alliances.

She sits on the boards of Vital Voices Global Partnership, Citizens for Affordable Energy and Best Partners. Karen is a fellow of SoL, the Society for Organizational Learning, an international learning community dedicated to sustainable business.


Sheryl Spanier

Sheryl Spanier

Sheryl Spanier is a thought leader, media contributor and master practitioner of Executive Career Management who is sought out to coach and advise international leaders and their teams. After working as a consultant and market leader for four premier career management companies, she started her own firm in 2004. With more than 25 years in the field, Spanier combines empathy and pragmatism to coach clients in maximizing the interpersonal side of their business strategies and to lead individual and organizational change.

She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, a founding member of the Association for Career Professionals International and is certified as a Fellow by the Institute for Career Certification International.



The Portable Executive: High-End Career Management

The Portable Executive: High-End Career Management by Sheryl Spanier and Karen Otazo

Book Description:
The Portable Executive: High-End Career Management shows executives how take control and self-manage their careers in a Post-Millennium Workplace where portability has replaced job security as a career-driver.

Readers will learn how to assess and achieve goals, three ways to be portable whether you stay with one organization or want to move on, and creative steps to keep teams engaged and committed during change.

Product Details:
Published: January 2009
ISBN: 978-1441414076

The Portable Executive: High-End Career Management by Sheryl Spanier and Karen Otazo The Portable Executive: High-End Career Management by Sheryl Spanier and Karen Otazo


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“The successful executive in these times is going to have to be agile. This guide replaces platitudes with pragmatic advice that works in the real world.”

Dave Opton
Founder & CEO,
ExecuNet, Connecticut

“I wish this book had been available when I left The Economist Group to begin my new ‘portable’ career.  It is full of wisdom and packed with practical tips and advice. Whether you are working inside an organization and looking to add zest to your career, or starting on a new path, this is a must-read.”

Sally Bibb
Author and Business Consultant,
www.sallybibb.com, London

The Portable Executive is a logical accompaniment to Sheryl's and Karen's first guide, Leave Happy, and an excellent guide for executive career growth. With the longevity of existing jobs, careers and organizations rapidly declining in today’s world, this guide provides the successful executive with the tools to take care of his or her career accordingly; it is one book that won’t be gathering dust on the bookshelf anytime soon.”

Chris Feeley
Vice President, Government and Public Sector Sales,
Taleo Corporation, California

“In a time of great turbulence, Sheryl Spanier and Karen Otazo remind us that linear thinking cannot help us through discontinuous change: Portability is the key attribute needed for the new world of work. This guide provides powerful support for any executives trying to steer their careers through these turbulent times.”

Andrea Westwood
Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant,
ECG, Australia